Family Services


Burkes Legal Service provides family services without the use of an attorney including:

Divorce – Since 1993 we have assisted many couples in filing their divorces.

Annullment – A judgment of nullity renders the marriage null and void or cancelled.

Adoption – A minor child may be adopted by an adult person subjected to the rules prescribed in The California Statutes contained in the California Family Code. The person adopting a child must be at least 10 years older than the person adopted, and the consent of the child, if over the age of 11 years is necessary to its adoption.

Guardianship – A person lawfully invested with the power of taking care of the person and property of another.

Separation – A legal procedure that that results in a court order that dissolves the relationship ie. Divides property; establishes child custody etc. allowing the couple to live separately but does not dissolve the marriage.

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