Family Services: Anullment

1. An Annulment May Be Granted If:

You or the Respondent have lived in California for at least 30 days before you file the Petition.

At least one of the following applies in your case:

There is a close enough blood relationship between you and the Respondent that the marriage is prohibited by law.

Either you are the Respondent was married to someone else on the day you and the Respondent got married.

Either you or the Respondent was younger that 18 at the time of the wedding ceremony and the person who was under 18 years old did not get proper consent before getting married. If this is your situation, the Complaint for Annulment needs to be filed within one (1) year of the underage person becoming 18 years old; and you and the Respondent cannot have lived together since that person turned 18.

Either you or the Respondent lacked the understanding of your or the Respondent’s actions to the extent that you or the Respondent was incapable of agreeing to the marriage, (i.e. too intoxicated to make a knowing decision, etc).

Either you or the Respondent were insane at the time of the wedding ceremony and that person has not regained his or her sanity or that person has regained his or her sanity and the parties have not lived together since that time.

You married the Respondent due to Respondent’s fraud (i.e, Respondent lead you to believe he or she wanted to have children than after the ceremony you found out the he or she didn’t want children; Respondent only married you for money, etc.)


$495.00 Preparation and filing of all court documents;

Additional fees to be paid seperately
$435.00 Superior Court Filing Fee
$65.00 and up Service of Process


To start the process with us simply call us and we will email you the Annulment Questionnaire where you will submit your information. Our office will prepare the documents for you to sign, usually within 48 hours of receiving the completed questionnaire, and will e-mail or mail them to you.

Payment For Service

You may start the process with full payment less filing fees. We accept payment by credit card, check, money order or cash.

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