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Since 1993 we have assisted many couples in filing for Divorce in San Diego and the San Diego metropolitan area. California is one of the most friendly State in the Nation to obtain a divorce.

The basic requirements are:

The party filing for divorce must be a resident for at least six months before the filing date.

Petition for Divorce – (Uncontested) – Both parties agree and will sign a marriage settlement agreement indicating the distribution of community property; custody and support of minor children if any etc.

Uncontested process takes at least 6 months from the time the Respondent is served with a Petition and Summons.
No court appearance may be required if the Parties to the divorce enter into a written agreement (MSA).
May Include issues of children custody and support, and property and debt.

$595.00 Preparing of all related divorce Petition documents, notaries, filing and picking up documents from court.

Divorce – $595.00

Divorce with Agreement – $870.00

Additional Fees to be paid separately:
$435.00 Court filing fees (San Diego County).

Additional fees may be required:

From $275.00 – A Marriage Settlement Agreement (MSA)

$25.00 Custody Visitation Schedule – (add this fee only if you have minor children under 18).

$25.00 Property/Debts Schedule – (add this fee only if you need property and/or debts divided in the filing).

$275.00 Joinder of pension or retirement plan

$800.00 Qualified Domestic Relations Order Re any pension or retirement plans to be divided.

$125.00 Publication Fees and Preparation – If your spouse cannot be located for summons service then a publication process is required. A divorce may still be granted by default if there is no response to the publication. Publication fees outside of Nevada may vary.

$100.00 Person location attempt. No guarantee. Missing person location search.

If your spouse disagrees with the divorce and files an answer to your Complaint with the court, both parties may need to hire Attorneys.


Divorce – $595.00

Divorce with Agreement – $870.00

To start the process with us simply choose the appropriate your payment and you will then be directed to the Divorce Questionnaire where you will submit your information (or, if mailing payment, the questionnaire page will be e-mailed to you). Our office will prepare the documents for you to sign, usually within 48 hours of receiving the completed questionnaire, and will e-mail or mail them to you.

Residency Information: The State of California has a residency requirement for filing a California divorce. You must be a resident of California for six weeks.We do not encourage, assist or participate in frauds upon the court related to questionable residency.

Click here to fill out the Divorce Questionnaire online

Payment For Service

You may start the process with the submission of the questionnaire and payment You may pay for your services by mailing a check or money order, or by credit card.

If you wish to mail your payment, please send to:

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